Where To Go To Find Your Lost Dog

Clarksville Animal Control Shelters all alive and dead animals at J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter in Jeffersonville IN. When you are looking for your lost pet, it is important to understand that depending on where your pet was lost, he or she could be in more than one animal shelter, as shelter areas border one another.

Listed below are Animal Shelters. Depending on where you live, we highly recommend you visit these other shelters, indicated below when looking for your lost pet as their service areas border Clarksville. We know that service areas can be difficult to understand, if you have any questions, please call your Clarksville Animal Control Officer.

Visit or Check:

J. B. Ogle Animal Shelter
201 Willinger Lane
Jeffersonville, IN 47129
New Albany Floyd County Animal Control & Shelter
215 West Market St.
New Albany IN 47150
Louisville Metro Animal
Control & Shelter

3705 Manslick Rd.
Louisville, KY 40215